Setting up Emails Using the Outlook App – Apple

A Step by Step Guide

Setting up emails Using the Outlook Application on an Apple Device (iOS)

Before you start you will need your Email Address & Password. Please ensure that you enter these details at all times correctly. The email address should be entered in lower-case ( no capital letters) and the Password will be a mixture of Capitals, Lower Case and Numbers.

If at anytime you need help, get these things ready and give the office a call on 0800 669 6450 and we will be more than happy to help, however this should be quite a simple process 99% of the time.

Stage One

First we need to find the Application on the phone or tablet which you wish to install the Email Account(s) on. Here is our example.

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Stage Two

If this is the first time using the Application you will be presented with this screen – you can now Skip to Stage Four, missing Stage Three.

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Stage Three

If you have used Outlook before, and have emails installed already, you will be be brought to your inbox. You need to click on the button in the Top Left Corner, and then on the next screen click on the Add Email Account Button, then click Add Email Account

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Stage Four

You now need to enter your email address. Please make sure you are very careful when entering your email address all in lower case.

After entering your email address Press the Add Account button.

Depending on your device, it may ask you to Setup Account Manually, as shown here, which you must click and go to Stage Five.

Alternatively it may jump straight to Stage Six.

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Stage Five

You now need to select IMAP at the bottom of the screen, ensuring you do not press any other account types. This is a very important step.

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Stage Six

You now need to enter the Password, Display Name and Description.

The password must be entered very carefully, paying close attention to capital and lower case letters.

Your Display Name is how you want the email account to appear when sending to people, you may choose your business name, or personal name.

The description is just for your phone, if you wish to add multiple accounts.

Once Completed please click Sign In. 

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Stage Seven

Congratulations, your email should now be installed.

You will be given an option to add another email account, by clicking Let’s Do It!, or if this the only email you are adding click Maybe Later at the bottom of the screen.

If this is the First Time using the Outlook App, you will need to Turn On and Allow Notifications. This allows your phone to inform you when you have received an email.

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