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    At Inventis Website Design we do things different.

    We try to make all our packages as simple as possible, however most customers do have a few questions or queries. Here we will try and answer the most common as best as possible…


    Why does it state "from" just £1 a day?

    We state “from” on our prices as the £1 a day is for our Standard Package.

    We do have more advanced packages that are more expensive – however they are all very competitively priced. The increased cost is due to the extra work and any software required in the initial build.

    We still offer the same payment options – no upfront costs and the pay monthly option.

    What other type of Websites do you do?

    Our Standard Package comes with everything that is advertised throughout our website. The content is typically located on one main web page (not including Blog’s and Project Feeds). When the menu is clicked you are taken to a section on the One Main Page.

    The main thing our Advanced Packages come with is Separate unique pages. In this case when you click the menu, you are taken to a completely separate page rather than a section.

    The bulk of website visitors typically only visit one page before leaving. So our Standard Package is a great entry level website to get your business noticed; looking professional, keeping customers informed and enabling them to contact you at any time.

    The main benefit of additional pages and content is for Search Engine Ranking performance. The more content a website has, the better it performs on search engines. Also, by having separate pages you can target different keywords and services that you offer.

    Other advanced features we can provide include; customer integrations, customer logins, payment gateways, e-commerce capabilities, hidden content and much more.

    How can there be no upfront costs?

    Websites require not only an initial design but also ongoing services, for example website hosting, emails and security certificates to operate. Standard Web Design agencies usually charge for the website design upfront at the beginning of your arrangement; you would then pay for the ongoing services elsewhere, so once the site is developed they have completed their work and leave you with the finished article.

    We provide not only the initial website design, but all of the added extras which you require; we then allow our customers to spread the cost into monthly payments. Our business is based on keeping a continuous ongoing relationship with you, rather than developing a site and leaving you with it. As we also provide the unlimited updates you shouldn’t be needing a new website built every 2- 3 years, as your existing site will be up-to-date and current at all times.

    We do ask for a minimum commitment of 12 months to ensure we can cover the cost of the initial development, after which you are free to take your website elsewhere if you choose. It’s our job to keep you happy and ensure you get the best possible results, so you don’t need to go elsewhere.

    How do your charges compare?

    Our charges are very competitive for 2 reasons….

    • All of the added extras we provide (not including the website design), can often cost more than we charge for everything. For example, IMAP email addresses from the World’s largest hosting company are £4.99 per month*. Therefore, if you require 6 email addresses or more (info@, accounts@, admin@, name1@, name2@, name3@) it will cost you more just for emails than we charge for everything.
    • As advertised our standard package is just £1 per day. Over the minimum 12 months we require, you will struggle to find the standard of our designs, bespoke with no templates or page builders for a similar cost.

    In most cases we have been able to take over existing website services, improve their website design drastically, whilst saving them money by as much as 50%.

    Do I have to pay monthly?

    We appreciate that some businesses do not like monthly payments, prefer to pay for things outright, or have annual accountancy budgets etc. Therefore, if you wish you may also pay for 12 months upfront and we offer a 10% administrative discount for these cases.

    Who owns the website?

    Unlike services such as Wix etc, after you have paid the final instalment you own both the domain name and the website. We also build the website using industry standard software so it’s easily transferred elsewhere, should you wish at a later date.

    What happens after 12 months?

    As explained after 12 months you own the website and you’re free to do whatever you want with it! You can either host the website yourself, continue with our fantastic all-in-one service, or we can also offer a discounted self-hosting package.

    What are unlimited updates?

    We provide unlimited updates to your website at no extra cost. No business stays the same, and technology is constantly evolving. Rather than having to overhaul your website every few years, to avoid displaying incorrect information or causing security risks – we update your website continuously. So you can display your latest work, latest prices and latest information at all times. We carry out all the work for you with no need to login to any complicated systems – just give us a quick call, email or message.

    Can I use my own domain?

    Yes, that isn’t a problem, and is actively encouraged. The more established a domain name, the better the results on Search Engines, as your domain name already has history with Google and is trusted.

    I already have emails, is this an issue?

    This isn’t a problem at all. If they are built into an existing IT contract etc, you can leave them where they are. Or if we can save you some money why not transfer them across. We have migration software which creates a backup of all your old emails and moves them across to our server, so no historic emails are lost.

    How long does it take to build?

    Our standard websites on average take between 14 and 21 days to produce and go live. This is due to the fact that all of our websites are bespoke for each individual customer. If you’re in a rush, please let us know as we can work overtime and prioritise your work. We have produced websites in a matter of days when required to do so. Obviously larger more in-depth websites will take longer, due to the extra content and work required.

    How much input is required?

    As little or as much as you wish. We have built website’s in the past from just the statement “I am a builder”, where we have had to design a company logo and source all the wording and images. In comparison some customers have provided detailed instructions and diagrams for every section or page.

    Obviously, the more content you provide the better, as it gives the opportunity to help your website stand out, be more personalised and also consistent with your brand. When building websites, any information to understand your industry, key services and how your business operates is extremely helpful.

    How do we send you our information?

    We have an excellent team of web developers who will talk and communicate with you throughout the entire project. You can send your information in via Post, Email, Facebook, WhatsApp or any other service you can think of. We can also arrange conference and Zoom calls as/when required.

    Do you come to see us?

    Unfortunately, as our pricing point is so competitive we do not offer regular face to face meetings.

    We will typically visit your business once at the start of the project to get a good feel of who and what you are about. We then communicate with you direct from the office afterwards.

    If you do not require a meeting, or your location is are a distance from one of our 3 offices do not worry. 99% of the work we do is taken care of from the office; we have completed websites for businesses located in Portugal, France, Spain and the Channel Islands so location is not a problem.

    What is a News/Blog Section?

    A News/Blog section is a section on the website where you can display numerous separate articles relating to your business; a new customer, latest news, job vacancies – the list is endless. They tend to be text heavy posts; however, videos/images can be added also. Regular updates and blogs have been shown to have great effects on search engine rankings.

    For more information read our own Blog on this matter here.

    What is a Portfolio/Project Section?

    A Portfolio/Project Section is a section on the website where you can display numerous separate examples of your latest work in a visual manner. For example a tradesman might want to show before/after images of their latest construction project, or we often like to show off our latest website design. Regular updates and projects have been shown to have great effects on search engine rankings.

    For more information read our own Blog on this matter here.