Swift Performance Cache/Optimisation WordPress Plugin

Swift Performance is an all-in-one WordPress performance plugin.

The Swift Performance Plugin provides everything that you need to speed up your WordPress site; improve user experience, increase your page views and help with your WordPress SEO.

What is Swift Performance?

The Swift Performance plugin is an additional piece of software we can implement on your WordPress website. A powerful caching software that works fantastically in conjunction with our dedicated server to optimise and speed up your WordPress Website. Swift Performance can help replace several speed up plugins on your site.

Swift Performance Best Features

Swift Performance plugin comes with lots of incredibly powerful features for speeding up your WordPress website. Here is just a few of the best ones.

  • Supercharged your WordPress site
  • Advanced Super Fast Cache
  • Intelligent Lazy Load Elements
  • Minify and Combine CSS and Javascript
  • Database Optimisation and Cleaner
  • Plugin Organiser
  • CDN integration
  • Image Optimisation
  • Reduce server response time
  • & Many More

Most of these features can be implemented without a web developer.

Why is site speed important? – It’s Your First impression

On average you have just 2-3 seconds to impress a new visitor that lands on your website. A slow website means users will potentially leave your website before it even loads. 95% of customer’s don´t wait if a website takes longer than 5-6 seconds to load.

79% of online shoppers say they won’t go back to a website if they’ve had trouble with load speed.

Statistics courtesy of neilpatel.com

A slow loading website can impact your traffic and will make users that this site is unsafe, insecure, and untrustworthy and overtime will not only lose you a lot sales and money but gradually stunts your organic search engine results, traffic and growth. Google will penalise slower websites with big bounce rates and lower your ranking and organic search results.

Website owners and administration will often believe their website is just fine because it isn’t slow on their own computer but since you frequently visit your own website, modern website browsers like Chrome and Firefox store and remember your website in the cache and load websites you have visited before almost instantaneously. Users visiting your website for the first time will not have the same experience.

There are a lots of online tools to check your website speed. Here are just a few of the best ones…




The Results from Inventis

For us at Inventis Website Design Swift Performance has proved to be extremely effective. Here is our before and after from Google’s PageSpeed insights.

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