A Guide to Pinterest for New Business Marketing Success

Pinterest, with its visually-driven platform, offers a unique opportunity for businesses to showcase their brand, products, and services. In this guide, we’ll explore effective strategies and essential features to utilise Pinterest for marketing your new business in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

1. Create an Engaging Business Profile on Pinterest
Start by setting up a Pinterest Business account. Choose a profile name and picture that reflects your brand, and craft a compelling bio with relevant keywords. Include your website link to drive traffic.

2. Develop Organised and Themed Boards
Create boards that are aligned with your brand and what your target audience is interested in. Each board should have a clear theme or category, such as product types, style inspiration, DIY ideas, or industry trends. This organisation helps users navigate your content easily.

3. Pin High-Quality, Visually Appealing Content
Pinterest is a visual platform, so prioritise high-quality, aesthetically pleasing images and videos. Your content should be eye-catching, branded, and consistent in style and tone. Vertical images work best as they take up more space on the feed.

4. Incorporate Rich Pins for More Context
Utilise Rich Pins, which provide more context about a pin by showing extra information directly on the pin. There are different types of Rich Pins including product, recipe, article, and app, which can be very useful depending on your business type.

5. Leverage Keywords and Hashtags for Discoverability
Use relevant keywords in your pin descriptions, board titles, and profile to enhance discoverability. Hashtags can also be used to increase the visibility of your pins in Pinterest search results.

6. Utilise Pinterest Analytics for Insight
Monitor your Pinterest Analytics to understand what content resonates with your audience. Track metrics like pin impressions, clicks, and repins to gauge performance and tailor your content strategy accordingly.

7. Engage with the Pinterest Community
Engage with other users by repinning relevant content, commenting on pins, and collaborating with influencers or other brands. Building relationships within the community can increase your reach and attract potential customers.

8. Promote Pins to Reach a Wider Audience
Consider investing in Promoted Pins to extend the reach of your top-performing content. These are paid ads that appear in users’ home feeds, search results, and category feeds, offering greater visibility.

9. Stay Updated with Trends and Seasonal Content
Pinterest users often look for seasonal content and trends. Align your content with these trends and seasons to stay relevant and engage with users looking for fresh ideas and inspiration.

In summary, Pinterest offers a unique platform for visually showcasing your business and engaging with a community interested in creativity and inspiration. By developing captivating boards, pinning high-quality content, and leveraging Pinterest’s tools and analytics, you can effectively market your new business and carve a niche in the visual world of Pinterest marketing.

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