Increasing Your Website Traffic – Getting your first 100 hits

So your new website has launched…

Have you had any traffic yet?

We have put together a quick guide on how you can help your website to do well and increase the amount of potential customers.

First thing first is to set up your websites Google analytics and track where your potential customers are coming from.

Once set up and signed in, locate ‘Traffic Sources’ on the left menu.

Analytics Traffic Sources

– Social Media
– Direct Traffic
– Search
– Paid
– Email
– Other

A healthy site will have a good balance of traffic from all sources, so don’t just rely on social media to pull traffic to your site just like you wouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket.
Getting traffic to your site, unfortunately, is not an overnight process. Website traffic grows over time, although the good news is that there are many tried and tested strategies to increase customer visits to your website.

Assuming you already have a well designed, fully responsive & optimised website. Applying these simple strategies will help you to increase your websites potential.

Write beautiful content

Great content for websites, as they say, is absolutely KING. Your website’s content is the voice of your business. Search engines crawl the content on your site and display relevant results with keywords and phrases from your site’s content. By having great quality content you are showing search engines you are an active online business and giving your website more chances of showing in organic search results.

Get Social Active and build a following

A lack of social existence makes potential clients question your business authenticity. Create captivating social posts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn and drive new traffic to your site.

Don’t forget to engage with your customers on social media by following back, mentioning clients in posts retweeting and responding to direct messages. Also, consider asking your clients to share your website link on Facebook with their friends.

Learn from your competitors

Identify your competition, get to know your enemy and get ahead! Google analytics is the best platform to view your website traffic but where can you view your competitor’s traffic sources? Fortunately we have the answer, the tools below are some of the most widely used tools by professionals and everyday business owners alike.

1. Google Adwords
2. SEMrush
3. Alexa
4. Spyfu

By placing your competitor URL’s in these sites you can analyse their traffic sources i.e referrals, and keywords to see where your websites is in relation to your competitors.

Building Links

Building links to and from your business website is an essential part of SEO and creating an increase in traffic. There are two crucial types of link every website should have…

Internal links – Internal linking is adding links from one section or page of your site to another helping users to navigate your site and keeping them on your website for as long as possible.
Referral links – Referral links are links to your site from other websites. These are the most important and the most difficult to create. But by creating referral links you are increasing your chances of being found online.

Note: Do not ever pay for referral links on third party websites, as too many poor quality links may penalise your search ranking.

Offer a Promotion

It may seem like the most obvious but competitions, special offers and freebies will always help bring traffic to your site. This does not always necessarily mean giving money off your products or service, offering free advice or a free quotations can create an growth in quality traffic to your site leading to more conversions.

Don’t Stop!

Once you start seeing a growth in traffic it is very important that you don’t stop your traffic growth efforts. Continue to create strong, relevant content and building links through networking with other website owners and industry relevant directory along side regular monitoring of your website.

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