Are You A UK Business Without A Website?

New research conducted by Approved Index, which is a B2B comparison site for business services, has found the number of UK businesses without a website and predicted the amount of uplift in revenue if they were to launch a website.

  • 1.98 million businesses do not have websites, which is costing them all over £343 billion each year
  • Introducing a website to a business can equate to an average uplift in revenue of £173,769 per business
  • Small-sized businesses will stand to make the largest growth in revenue, which is £106 billion per year if they are to introduce a website

Despite now living in an age where a potential customer or clients first point of call would be to go on the internet to look up the business, results have shown that 1.98 million businesses currently do not have an online presence, which is costing those 1.98 million businesses a whopping £343 billion each year in an uplift in revenue.

The research also concluded that businesses introducing a website could give each business an uplift in revenue of £173,769.

The report is broken down into business size, which sparked some surprising findings, such as business which function without a team of employees, are one of the biggest segment of companies which do not have a web presence, which amounts to a  staggering 1.5 million businesses.

Small sized businesses, those with less than 50 employees, are shown in the report to be the businesses which benefit the most after introducing a website, which stands at an increased £106 billion each year turnover collectively, per business equates to £1.4 million.

The report also showed that those within the sectors of Retail, Transport, and Food industry without a website will lose out on the biggest revenue collectively.

More interestingly it is shown that medium sized businesses in this sector will stand to make a large gain if they were to launch a website for their business, with an average, predicted uplift of £16.7 million per business each year.

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