Why you should always keep your website up to date

Fresh Content Will Mean Frequent Indexing

The more a website is updated with content, the more frequently a search engine will stop by your website for a visit. This is a good thing because when the search engines look at your website more frequently, your website will have more of an opportunity to achieve higher ranking on a search engine’s results page based on content that you have provided when updating your website.

Search engines use a high-tech program called ‘web crawlers’ which scan the internet for websites. Web crawlers will index a website based upon a variety of factors determined by the search engine company.

For example, a site may be indexed based upon the number of incoming links to the website, the number and type of subject keywords used, and how often a website is updated. Every time you update your website, the search engine will take notice of this and re-arrange your website’s ranking. If your main goal is to be towards the top ranking, we would recommend that you update your website frequently so that the search engine will reassess your website’s ranking. You must keep in mind that when updating your website that it is quality over quantity, therefore you should not overfill your page with low-quality articles that are full of keywords as this will penalise you.

More Content = More Keywords

When new content is published on your website, this presents more opportunities for your website to be able to contain many more keywords. Keywords are high up on the algorithm chart for search engine indexing and ranking. Frequently added content, such as articles and blogs, will allow you to optimise the article or blog with keywords that can bring in and attract users to your website.

You need to remember that when the algorithm updates, the search engine you are using will not base your ranking on how many keywords you have on your website, it will be looking for the quality of your content, rather than a stuffed page full of keywords when indexing your website.

Keywords are still an important part of your SEO strategy, however, you cannot have your entire SEO campaign around keywords or keyword phrases. Instead, you should create quality content that contains your keywords so long as they are naturally in place. In summary, you should write content that contains information that the user is looking for when they type in your keyword. Do not write content around a keyword, you should write it around what the reader is after. 

Google Loves Frequent Updates

By quite a long distance, Google is the most frequently used search engine. Google has a huge amount of influence on how websites are built, and so Google will express its love for websites that are updated often, however, this is a sign that you should be updating and adding fresh content to your websites as often as you can.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should make unnecessary changes, additions or postings every hour. More a website that is updated either once a day or once every few days. The web crawler is constantly looking for websites that are updated or even brand new to add to the Google index. If you update your website frequently with new content or valuable information, then this will better your chance at your website having a higher Google ranking with each update you make.

The most effective and efficient way to update your website is by adding articles and writing blogs that may get noticed by viewers that often visit your website. If the viewers decide to comment on your article/blog, this will count as an update onto your site. Therefore you should write something that will get the attention of people to begin help update your website.

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