Why you shouldn’t build a website yourself

People sometimes think building a website is simple and easy. And there are many services out there that would lead you to believe exactly that. However there is a lot of depth and intricate processes involved to elevate a website to a useful tool.

Here are some reasons why building your own website isn’t ideal:

  1. Cost

Websites are often advertised as free, and this is misleading because they actually sell ad space on your website to fund the cost of the domain and hosting. Or often it can be a very basic website with an offer to upgrade to an expensive package.

With inventis, we’ve made it simple, small weekly costs, no upfront payment, no hidden domain or hosting fees and the flexibility to upgrade as your business grows if required.

  1. Appearance

Through our research, we found that a website was often not trusted or not seen as respectable if the appearance was poor or outdated. This can lead to a loss in credibility and a consumer going elsewhere for the service, or product, you provide. With the upsurge in template websites consumers are becoming more aware of what is and isn’t a template and this can have the same negative effect as a poorly designed website.

We have a team of dedicated designers that keep up to date with current trends and work with you to develop a site that truly reflects your business. And of course all of our packages come with free updates, so you can keep it looking fresh and up to date all year round.

  1. Performance

Most DIY site builders store you website on a server with 1000’s of other websites. What this means is a noticeable effect in performance and speed of your website.
We found that 9/10 people leave a website if it hasn’t loaded in 5 seconds.

We aim to deliver website load times as low as possible so that we can ensure that your consumers are on your site and can easily navigate with ease and comfort.

  1. Support

When building your own site, there is no support network for its construction or maintenance. This means if you encounter a problem or are struggling to complete a certain task it could take a long time out of your day, or even week, to fix it.

With inventis we take care of all that, we ensure complete functionality and work with you to implement ideas or systems that you require.

  1. Time

The thought of having a website built in 24 hours is appealing. However, we don’t see websites as something that can be built and then handed over to a customer, just like a shop window it’s an ever evolving, changing process that requires updating and developing throughout its life. We take care of all that for you, and allow you to spend time running your business, so that you don’t have to worry about how to update and change the style of your website.

  1. Experience

All in all, building a well-developed website requires a variety of skills. Therefore for someone with a busy schedule, that can be a lot of skills for you to acquire in order to create an effective website.

We already have that experience and skill set, and we’ve spent a long time working with people to ensure we have a system that works for everybody. A simple email or phone call can result in you being able to have your site updated from the very same day.

Inventis Website Design… website design reinvented.

No more large fees, no hidden costs, no added extra bills. What we do is different. We build you a high end, bespoke, mobile responsive website. We update the website for you whenever you like, so your website is never out of date or displaying incorrect information. We provide all of the extras required to run your website at no extra cost. We also provide continuous personal customer support, so less technically minded need not worry. We charge no large fees, you just pay a small monthly amount from as little as £1 a day.

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