Why templates do not make a great website

A website that is built on a template may seem to be an attractive option, especially considering the price often advertised. However the old saying; “if it’s too good to be true, it usually is”, certainly can be applied to template web design.

Here are just a few reasons why templates are often an ineffective solution for web design.

Design Limitations

With a template website, you are restricted to how you can customise the site. In most cases you have a set template where you enter text and images in exact locations. If your pictures don’t match the size, they can be distorted or simply not used. This leaves you with a design that looks exactly like hundreds of other websites.
With a bespoke website you can have any design, any images, any content and any text however you wish, leaving you with a unique website unlike no other.

Bad Impression for Visitors

As explained a template website can easily be noticed how similar they are to other hundreds or even thousands of websites. For a customer, this can give the wrong impression about your business, as templates are often associated with smaller businesses. As a business you want to give off a unique service to customers, therefore your website should be unique in order to reflect your business.
Potential clients are becoming more and more aware of when a website has used such templates, and this is only likely to defer them from doing business with you. Websites templates suggest laziness and a lack of creativity or ambition.

One Size Does not Fit All

The companies offering these templates allow you to pick your industry, and pick from one of their industry specific templates. Typically, the industries offered are so generalized they offer no real benefit. For example Restaurants; now there are 100’s of sub categories such as cuisines, takeaways, fine dining etc- one template can never be applicable to all of these different businesses.
We don’t stop working on your website until you are 100% satisfied.


With a template website, you still have to take the time out of your busy schedule to find your content and to make the content fit within the rigid template. Your time can often better be used elsewhere generating income for your business.
We do things differently, with unlimited updates you are free to contact us with any changes, updates or amendments you require.


In some cases the Template has to have built in adverts on your website advertising other businesses services. This could potentially lead to a crossover of interest and actual result in a negative return from your website.
We never put adverts on your website ensuring the full attention of your consumer base.


With a pre-built template website there is no real way of implementing true SEO options. And without a working knowledge of SEO you could very well be stuck with where to start. As mentioned previously templates often replicate data and Google choose’s to ignore replicated information thus a template site is at an immediate disadvantage in SEO.
We implement current SEO practices to try and deliver a great SEO result, we’re proud of our websites, and we want you to be high in search rankings too.

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